Blair Davenport Once Again Demands To Be Reinstated To NXT UK

A few weeks ago Blair Davenport would assault Nina Samuels before their scheduled match prompting the assistant to General Manager Johnny Saint, Sid Scala to come down to the ring. Sid Scala would implore Blair Davenport to stop, promising repercussions which only irritated Blair Davenport who would follow up her assault on Nina Samuels by attacking Sid Scala leading her to be suspended indefinitely.

Last week following the match between Emilia McKenzie and Stevie Turner, Blair Davenport would appear from nowhere and attack Stevie Turner, promising Sid Scala that bad things would continue to happen unless she is reinstated. On last night’s NXT UK Blair Davenport would send a video message to directly to Sid Scala telling him again that bad things will continue to happen until he reinstates her.

“Hi Sid, This is Blair Davenport, you know the one that you suspended, you can punish me all that you like, but bad things will continue to happen, You better think smart, reinstate me”

Blair Davenport on NXT UK 23/09/2021

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