Rev Pro UK High Stakes – Results and Review

This past Sunday, Rev Pro UK held their biggest show of the year, High Stakes at the famous York Hall in London. Rev Pro UK pulled out all the stops with 4 Championship matches that included a double tag team championship winner takes all match and a British Heavyweight Championship unification match.

Sunshine Machine vs The Young Guns vs T.E.A.M vs Brendan White and Doug Williams

*The Young Guns pick up the win over the Sunshine Machine, T.E.A.M as well as Brendan White and Doug Williams

A crazy chaotic opening match with a fatal 4 way tag team match that was for some reason contested under Lucha Rules. Brendan White looked like a true powerhouse throwing around most of the other competitors. Seeing Doug Williams hit the Chaos Suplex on Luke Jacobs was something to see. Sunshine Machine, TK Cooper and Chuck Mamabo brought plenty of energy and excitement to the match, T.E.A.M (Two Extremely Athletic Men) Kenneth Halfpenny and Shaun Jackson continue to impress as a tag team. The Young Guns stole the show with plenty of aggression, stiff shots and hard slams as Luke Jacobs and Ethan Allen picked up the win.

Dan Moloney vs Shota Umino

*Shota Umino defeated Dan Moloney

Two big beefy men, Maloney and Shota put on a fantastic hard hitting match with some excellent spots. Maloney is looking jacked and continues to look better and better in the ring. Umino is living up to all expectations and he will make huge impact in NJPW when he returns.

Rev Pro UK Undisputed Cruiserweight Championship Match

Robbie X vs Chris Ridgeway vs Michael Oku

*Michael Oku defeated Robbie X and Chris Ridgeway

A solid triple threat match, Ridgeway and Robbie X are two of British Wrestling’s best for different reasons, Robbie X is an amazing high flyer and innovator whilst Ridgeway is one of the most realistic wrestlers in the UK with great submissions and strikes. Oku picked up the win in this match as he continues his trajectory towards stardom as one of the best of British Wrestling’s new generation hanging with two incredible veterans he did not look out of place, he has incredible charisma that the fans can really get behind.

Mark Haskins vs Yota Tsuji

*Yota Tsuji defeated Mark Haskins

Haskins is one of the very best in the UK and Yota Tsuji did more than just hold his own, a huge win for the former NJPW Young Lion. A great match that saw Haskins work over Tsuji’s knee who sold it well for a huge come back, Tsuji will be going back to New Japan as a star if he continues to put in performances like this.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Rev Pro UK Undisputed Women’s Championship Match

Gisele Shaw vs Hyan

*Gisele Shaw defeated Hyan

These amazing women went to war in an incredible 2 out of 3 falls battle. Hyan has been a fantastic addition to the Rev Pro UK Women’s roster, the Heart Of Shimmer champion has always come ready to fight. Gisele Shaw continues on her promise as a fight champion at the heart of an awesome women’s division. After the match Debbie Kietel made her debut for Rev Pro UK and what a way to leave an impression, leaving both Hyan and Shaw laying in the ring.

Rev Pro UK British Tag Team and PWA Australian Tag Team Championship Winner Take All Match

Aussie Open vs Destination Everywhere

*Aussie Open defeated Destination Everywhere

An incredible tag team match. Destination Everywhere, Michael Oku and Connor Mills were just fantastic they really had the crowd believing they could overcome Aussie Open, with new gear and new moves they played their part well. Aussie Open were recently called the best unsigned tag team in the world and if Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher continue to put on performances like this they will go a long way to proving that statement as fact.

British Heavyweight Championship Unification Match

Ricky Knight Jr (c) vs Will Ospreay (c)

*Will Ospreay defated RKJ

This match started at 100 miles an hour and they kept that pace for most of the match. RKJ looked incredible, showing so much heart and determination and all though he did not come away with the victory he stood toe to toe with one of the best wrestlers in world and he looked like he belonged in the main event. Will Ospreay is just incredible he could possibly be the best wrestler in world, he really helped to put RKJ over despite picking up the win he spent a good amount of time selling the danger of RKJ, an incredible match.

Following the match Ospreay continued his assault on RKJ until Shota Umino made the save but he was taken out by the Young Guns but then Aussie came out to even the numbers. However there was still one more twist as Aussie Open turned on Umino and Ospreay turned on the Young Guns, Aussie Open and Ospreay take everyone out with Ospreay telling Umino to take a message to Jon Moxley.

Will Ospreay welcomes Aussie Open to the United Empire as they stand tall.
Photo by Beyond Gorilla at Rev Pro UK’s High stake

An absolutely incredible show, High Stakes is Rev Pro UK’s biggest show of the year and this felt like it from the venue set up to the fantastic matches. It’s hard to decide who stole the night as every match delivered, the championship matches do stand out, including the main event which was amazing, both Ospreay and RKJ put in tremendous performances with an incredible twist to the main event ending.

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You can watch Rev Pro UK’s High Stakes show on their on demand service RPW on demand which offers a two week free trial and Rev Pro UK have recently released 12 shows in the last 8 weeks including High Stakes, so there’s plenty to watch.

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