Bryan Danielson Says, Vince McMahon Got Mad At Him For Taking Risks

During his time with the WWE Bryan Danielson dealt with a plethora of health issues including concussions, seizures, and neck problems. This would eventually lead to the company pulling him from competing in the ring. After a few years of undergoing tests and treatment, Danielson was finally given the ok to continue competing. This does not mean that certain higher-ups weren’t keeping a close eye on the star including the chairman himself Vince McMahon.

While speaking to the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Bryan Danielson revealed a story about how Vince McMahon got mad after a match with Drew Gulak. McMahon didn’t like the way that Danielson landed off a German suplex. The match was great, but Vince McMahon was still upset about Bryan taking that risk.

“Vince is very protective of me in almost like a fatherly type way,” he said. “I was wrestling Drew Gulak at Elimination Chamber right before the pandemic. I took a German suplex that went a little bit wrong and I landed on my head. When I got to the back, Vince was so mad at me and he was like, it wasn’t anything about the performance. After he got mad at me, I said, ‘Was the match okay?’ ‘Yeah, the match was great, but you can’t do that.’ He doesn’t want me to get hurt. You don’t want your boss to get mad at you. I saw it as coming from a very loving perspective.”

While Bryan has now joined AEW, his health and the issues he’s dealt with will always linger in the back of people’s minds. Hopefully, Bryan is pat all that and can continue doing what he loves.

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