Omega vs. Danielson: A Dream Match In The Making

On Wednesday, Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson will face each other in one of the biggest episode of Dynamite. The match between The Best Bout Machine and The American Dragon has been in the making for several years and now we’re very close on seeing this dream match finally taking place.

Omega and Danielson will face each other on a singles match for the second time ever. The first time was for PWG in a very comedy centered match back in 2009. Even before the singles match in PWG, they also wrestled in two triple threat matches against Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) and Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro).

This match feels so unpredictable and makes it so interesting to analyze ahead of the match taking place. The first thing would be that this match needs time, 20-25 minutes would be enough for both wrestlers to deliver the match we all imagined. This match should be the opener of the show so it gets all the time it needs and doesn’t get the ad breaks or picture in picture during the match.

The build of the match has been simple and that’s all it needed. To wrestlers trying to prove who is the best in the world, and that the championship will come to play on a later date. The most simple build can sometimes be the best one.

Most people will agree that the most likely result will be a time limit draw and that will lead to a rematch for AEW’s last PPV of the year, Full Gear. The stage is set for Omega and Danielson to deliver a MOTY contender on Dynamite. The pressure is on for two of the best wrestlers of the last 10 years.