Former WWE Star Alleging That The Undertaker Ordered Wrestlers To Bully Him

It is well known that The Undertaker was a much-respected locker room leader, whose word held much weight with many of the stars backstage. A former WWE star is now coming out with allegations that The undertaker ordered other talents to bully him.

While speaking to That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, former WWE Superstar Renee Dupree revealed that he was the victim of some pretty awful backstage bullying antics. He then revealed that it was The Undertaker who orchestrated one disrespectful dig where a French flag ended up in the toilet.

“They took my $500 shoes and $1000 suit and ruined it in the shower because I didn’t go out drinking at a bar the night before because nobody invited me. That’s just materialistic sh*t you can replace that, that doesn’t bother me. What really bothered me is when in Italy the next night they took my French flag – my heritage – they shoved it in a toilet and pissed and sh*t all over it. I don’t know what bullsh*t world you live in but in my world that’s called racial discrimination. That was really hurtful.” “What I did do was I went to Arn Anderson who was the agent and I asked him – Arn’s advice to me was ‘Don’t sell it.’ I was like ok. The next person I went to was The Undertaker and I said ‘What do you do when someone does this to you?’ And he goes ‘Well you find out who does it.’ He ordered them to do that because I didn’t go out drinking with him and the guys at a bar.”

The Undertaker has not yet commented on these allegations so we will have to see if he will speak on this at any time.

Below is the full interview.

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