NXT UK Results, Recap and Review

A fantastic night of in ring action from this week’s NXT UK, a great line up that included the first semi final for the Heritage Cup tournament, plus the tag team titles on the line in the main event.


NXT UK Heritage Cup Semi-final

* Noam Dar defeated Kenny William 2 Falls to 1

Noam Dar and Kenny Williams fought in an excellent back and forth match up, with all the rule bending from both competitors, would have made Eddie Guerrero proud. Williams picked up the first fall after feigning an injury then rolling Dar up for the pin fall with hand full of tights in the 2nd round. Dar would draw the match level after working over Williams’ leg in the 3rd and 4th round, Dar then caused the referee to distract Williams before locking in the Champaign Super Knee Bar causing Williams to tap out in the 4th round. Noam Dar was able to pick up the win in the 5th round with a little help from his best friend Sha Samuels, who distracted Williams long enough for Dar to set up the Nova Roller to get the second fall by pin fall. Williams had picked up the first.

* Emilia Mckenzie defeated Stevie Turner

Emelia McKenzie continues her upward trajectory picking up another win over her mentor’s (Meiko Satomura) former title challengers. A great showing from both competitors as Emilia continues to grow in strength, Stevie Turner put up a great challenge but Emelia was able to pick up the win after she managed to dodge Turner’s rope assisted flat liner hitting a beautiful German Suplex and hitting her running double knees to pick up the win by pin fall.

Following that match, Blair Davenport who is currently suspended, attacked Stevie Turner, telling Sid Saclla bad things will continue to happen until she is reinstated.

NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match

* “Pretty Deadly” defeated “Gallus” Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey

Pretty Deadly continue to prove that they are one of the best tag teams in the world with some excellent team work that saw them over come the Coffey brothers who truly came to fight to regain the titles for the Gallus firm. Pretty Deadly were able to isolate both of the Coffey brothers on a couple of occasions thanks to team work, Gallus came close to winning on more than one occasion but Pretty Deadly always seemed one step ahead of them. Pretty Deadly would pick up the win when Joe Coffey missed a spear colliding into the ring post, leaving Mark to deal with both Sam Stocker and Lewis Howely, who took advantage hitting their double team finisher spilt milk a variation of the heart attack to win the match by pin fall.

Next Week

There is plenty to look forward to on NXT UK next week, including the second heritage cup Semi-Final match between Wolfgang and Teoman. plus an incredible triple threat match with A-Kid, Nathan Frazer and Rampage as they battle to become the No. 1 contender for Ilja Draganov’s NXT UK Championship.

You can catch our full review of NXT UK on the next Tea and Tights Brit Wres Round Up, until then you catch up with all the latest British Wrestling news from the past week on the last episode of Tea and Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast.

You can catch all the action form NXT UK on the every Thursday, 3pm EST on the Peacock Streaming service or on the WWE Network from 8pm everywhere else, NXT UK is also available via BT Sports 1 Friday at 10pm BST.

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