Is AEW Closing The Gap with WWE?

One of the interesting stories in wrestling is the somewhat rivalry between AEW and WWE. The promotion run by Vince McMahon is the largest promotion in the world, but AEW has been able to become a solid alternative.

The gap between AEW and WWE is pretty big and probably that’s how Vince McMahon the rest of WWE would like to stay, but with AEW latest moves, could AEW be closing the gap.

AEW has performed ratings wise pretty well. They won the Wednesday Night Wars by a large margin and solidify themselves as the kings of Wednesdays these last few months. Rampage has had a great start too despite being in a somewhat of a bad time slot on Fridays.

WWE has with no doubt better TV deals than AEW and no one can debate that, but if AEW’s ratings keep going up and WWE’s down, we might see AEW get a TV deal that’s closer to those WWE has with USA Network and FOX down the line.

AEW signing names like Sting, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole are great additions to the already great roster AEW has. CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are in particular huge names for AEW and will help them in a lot of ways to get new eyes to their product.

Not only are AEW’s ratings great but their ticket sales for shows are hot tickets at the moments and their big shows sell out in the matter of minutes. AEW was able to out perform WWE in the New York market, historically New York and MSG have been the backyard of WWE for several decades.

Is the gap closing? Yes. AEW is slowly closing the massive gap between them and WWE, but will take a long time to close it on a significant level. It all depends how AEW’s next TV deal and how big it is. WWE for now have nothing to worry about considering they’re making record profits, but someday AEW could be breathing down their necks if they are not careful.