Miz Set To Appear On Dancing With The Stars

The Miz has set a standard for performing inside and outside of the ring. Whether if it’s staring in the Marine or just staring along with his wife Maryse on the USA Network show Miz and Mrs . It now looks like he will be throwing his hat in a new ring, or floor may it be.

PW Insider is reporting that the A-List star is set to join the likes of wrestlers who have competed like Chris Jericho, Stacy Kiebler, and Nikkie Bella on the 30th Season Of Dancing with the stars.

PWInsider.com can exclusively confirm that The Miz has been cast in the forthcoming season of ABC’s Dancing with The Stars.

The Miz was slated in a match with Joh Morrison on Monday Night Raw but the match was cut from the show at the last minute after changes were made to the script by Vince McMahon.The miz has recently celebrated his 15th year with the company, now let’s see if he can add The Mirror Ball to his bag of accomplishments.