Exclusive: AEW Confident In Ability To Run Larger Venues Like UBS Arena

AEW recently sold out the United Center for their “The First Dance” special episode of Rampage on August 20th, and now it looks like the company is planning on running another massive venue in the upcoming future.

According to a report yesterday from Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Wrestling podcast, AEW will be running the UBS Arena in Long Island, New York on December 8th, 2021.

I spoke to a source last night about AEW’s plan to run the UBS Arena, which can hold 17,000 fans for hockey and over 18,000 fans for concerts. The venue directly correlates with the company’s confidence in their talent.

“If you have legit headliner talent it equals the confidence to run in larger venues.”

With AEW recently debuting CM Punk, and with the imminent debut of Bryan Danielson, who is viewed as “legit headliner talent” they feel that they can confidently run venues like the United Center, Arthur Ashe Stadium, and the UBS Arena.

You can watch the entire episode of The Push Podcast where I talk about the Danielson debut at All Out, AEW running Long Island and more, below.