Big E Is Ready For The Top Spot

Since WWE split the New Day arguably one of the greatest tag team trios of all time, Big E has flourished on the SmackDown Roster. He currently holds the Money In The Bank Briefcase guaranteeing him a shot a the WWE Title of his choosing and if it’s up to him he will capitalize on that and is set on becoming the face of the company.

while speaking with Sports Illustrated, Big E Made it a point to make it clear that he is ready for the spotlight.

“It’s a tall task, but I’m ready. I’ve been beating the drum of meditation over the past year, and it’s helped so much by focusing on the present moment… So I’m not worried about this gargantuan task of being the face of the company. I’m too focused on doing my very best to be entertaining with whatever I’m given… I’m ready, and I’ve been ready.”

only time will tell if WWE will ever put Big E in the position that he is deserved of.