The Importance of Gifs In Wrestling

One of the aspects the wrestling takes for granted and it’s underrated is gifs, but specifically the accounts to social media making Gifs dedicated to the sports. Wrestling is one of the best mediums to be highlighted by Gifs and invites people to watch them.

Wrestling Gifs accounts do a good highlighting the best moments of matches and moments in wrestling. This accounts create free publicity for promotions and gives a small taste to people of what they’re missing and invites them to watch the full shows.

We live in a society of constant new information and we like to consume things in a quick fashion and Gifs are a perfect example of that. Wrestling Gifs work on that way and help understand a match or a fragment of it in a matter of seconds.

Gifs work so well in two ways. It helps highlight things from the past and present of wrestling. It’s countless the times I’ve seen an Gif from an old match and I ended up watching the full match. The other, is that it helps you keep a close eye to promotions you just don’t have the time to watch and seek their stuff for later.

Despite the great FREE publicity Gif accounts create for promotions, some of them, or I should the parent company ( in some cases), don’t like Gif accounts and hit them with DMCA strikes. This is not the way to go, promotions should embrace the FREE publicity these accounts are providing for them content.

NJPW this last year has taken a negative approach towards Gifs and this is not a the way to go. This negative approach with Gifs accounts is not a good look with a the public, but most importantly, it minimizes the attention the product you have gets. Wrestling promotions need to embrace this accounts more often.

Here are a few accounts worth following that do a great job creating wrestling Gifs. Make sure to give them a follow if you haven’t.