Miro Explains Why He Stopped Wrestling Barefoot

Since joining the AEW roster Miro Has cemented his spot as one of the top stars of the company, as not long after joining the company Miro was able to secure the TNT championship from Darby Allen. Miro had a run with WWE and during that run, Miro would wrestle in a barefoot fashion. During his time in WWE he had an accident that would make him switch to wrestling in boots.

During a Q&A at Pittsburgh Comic Con Miro was asked why he stopped wrestling barefoot. He revealed he received an injury in a match with Ryback which had him switch to wrestling in boots.

I tore my ankleI had a match with Ryback and he gave me a back body drop outside the ring and as soon as I landed — I landed fine, but I was 315 pounds and my ankle just snapped, and all the ligaments, it tore everything around and ever since, I said, ‘No more.’ I put some shoes on. I loved (wrestling) barefoot. I was a huge fan of Umaga and always looked up to him. That was my tribute to him.

Miro is still in possession of the AEW Title and is accepting challengers, Recently former NXT North American Champ Bronson Reed called out miro in a cryptic tweet. We will have to wait and see who is next to step up to the champ.