Progress Wrestling Announce Second Chance Scramble Match For Chapter 119: Freedom Is A Road Seldom Travelled By The Multitude

Fresh of the back on an incredible Chapter 118 this past Saturday, Progress Wrestling have announced and incredible second chance scramble match for their next chapter this weekend Chapter 119: Freedom Is A Road Seldom Travelled By The Multitude.

Progress Wrestling made the announcement of the match yesterday on their social media;

The second chance scramble match will see everyone that has faced Cara Noir for the progress world championship, face off for a second chance to face Cara Noir. The match will be contested under Thunderbastard rules, which will see competitors enter at timed intervals, competitors can be eliminated from the tournament by pin fall, submission and disqualification.

Competitors Include;

*Dan Moloney

*Chris Ridgeway

*Luke Jacobs

*Kid Lykos


*Jody Fleisch

*Charlie Sterling

*Danny Black

Progress also announced a single match between Malik and Man Like Dereiss;

Both Dereiss and Malik have been on winning streaks, the two competitors would clash back stage following Man Like Dereiss’ most recent win at the chapter 117 over LK Mezinger. Malik would tell Dereiss to watch his match against Screwface Ahmed in which Malik once again came out as the winner.

You can hear our recap of the last chapter on the latest Tea and Tights Brit Wres round up;

You can catch all the action from Chapter 119: Freedom Is A Road Seldom Travelled By The Multitude this Saturday the 28th of August from 12pm EST on Peacock Network in the USA and from 5pm BST on the WWE.

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