AEW Women’s Champ Wants AJ Lee In The Company

Back in 2015 was the last time we saw AJ Lee in a wrestling ring. AJ Lee had major success in the WWE including a couple of runs as the Divas Champion, She was also credited with helping jumpstart the women’s Revolution. Her influence on the women’s wrestling world is nothing to shake a stick at.

While speaking during a Planet Comicon event, AEW women’s Champion Britt Baker spoke of the possibility of AJ Lee making her way into the company. Baker expressed that she would love to face off against Lee in the ring.

I was a big AJ Lee fan.

One of the first moves asked my trainer to teach me when I was training was her finisher, the black widow. So, that would be really cool.

“Again, it’s giving the fans what they want. I think for the fans to see both of them [Punk & Lee] in a wrestling ring again in 2021, which is not in WWE…that alone would be evolutionary.

“So, for that moment alone, I would love to see her in AEW. I would love to see her in the ring with me.”

It is not known if AJ Lee has the desire to come back to wrestling but since she has been out of wrestling it was reported that Lee announced that she had three herniated discs in her cervical spine, so its unknown if that would be an injury that could get in the way of any thought of her returning to the ring.

Below is the full interview at Planet Comicon.