Olympic Star Contacted Bye Vince Mcmahon Personally About Joining WWE

Gable Stevenson has been in the chatter of the wrestling world over the past week after he Won Olympic gold for 125kg freestyle wrestling, and immediately after tweeted Directly to Vince McMahon about joining the WWE. Stevenson received backlash from fans of opposing company AEW., but it has been clear where Stevenson sees his career in the future.

Many companies including the UFC, and Bellator have also shown interest in the Olympic star, but it now seems WWE is taking extra steps to acquire Gable. While in a recent interview with The Sun, Stevenson spoke about potentially joining the WWE and mentioned how Vince McMahon personally reached out to him.

I haven’t really thought about what’s next.”I told everybody I was going to come home and sit down for a little bit and just relax myself and just pick what’s best for me and what’s next.”I could go for double gold in 2024, I could see Vince McMahon – who has reached out to me personally to go out there to do WWE.”Or I could go see Dana White. I mean, even the [Minnesota] Vikings gave me a message.”The options are open, my doors are open.”.I’m gonna keep searching. I have the world to explore and I’m just gonna step my foot in that door and open it all and explore myself.”

Stevenson is only 21 years old so it’s safe to say his stock is fairly high at the moment, and he has many options on the table so it’s good for him to weigh out the pros and cons of each offer. We will have to wait and see what decision Stevenson goes.