Jericho Pitched To Hold “Blood And Guts” In His Back Yard

Chris Jericho has been a huge asset for AEW, not only as a mentor but also as a creative mind. Jericho was very instrumental in many of the great matches that AEW has held including the first stadium-stamped match and also his Mimosa Mayhem match against Orange Cassidy.

Back in March of 2020 AEW was set to host the “Blood and Guts” match with the teams of The Inner Circle vs The Elite but the pandemic put a wrench in the plans. While speaking on his Talk Is Jericho podcast, Jericho revealed he had pitched the idea of holding “Blood And Guts” in his own backyard.

“We’re actually sitting in my backyard right now. When the lockdown started, at one point we were still thinking about maybe doing Blood And Guts last year and there was nowhere to do it. I was like, “why don’t we do it in my backyard and do kind of one of those Inoki/Saito island deathmatch things?’ There’s plenty of room here. That’s the thing , There’s a different backyard version here than what you would have done back in the day.”

As fans know the match didn’t take place in his backyard but who knows maybe one day we will get a match of the sort. The Blood and Guts match did end up going down with the Inner Circle going up against MJF and his boys of The Pinnacle. The match received a rave review. Aside from a few snafus, it was overall a great match. Who knows the matches we will see in the future