Ruby Soho Releases Vignette Hinting At Her Potential Future After Being Cut By WWE

Ruby Riott who now goes by Ruby Soho was released from WWE during a slew of releases, reportedly due to budget cuts on June 2nd. There have been rumors running rampant about a possible landing spot. Vicky Guererro had lobbied for AEW to sign the former Riot Squad leader.

Earlier today we reported that Ruby had stopped taking bookings from independent companies leaving many to believe she was heading to AEW. Today Ruby posted a video on her Twitter a video that is adding more speculation to the rumors.

The video starts off with Ruby walking on a train platform, holding a ticket in with an interesting departure city and destination. The departure was from Orlando and the destination was New York City, and as many know AEW is holding a big show at Arthur Ash Stadium in New York on September 22. The video continues as a train starts leaving as Ruby is in toew trying to catch the train but is unsuccessful. The video ends with Ruby staring into the camera, an interesting side note she has trademarked the “Runner”.

Her WWE non-compete clause is set to expire on August 31 so the chances we see her in NYC for the show or in Chicago for ALL OUT September 5 is highly likely. As we know AEW has been grabbing up all the biggest free agents with the likes of Andrade, Malichi Black, and the soon debuting CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, so adding Ruby to the women division will definitely be a good addition to the roster.