Rampage And The Trap of The B Show

AEW’s third hour was a massive success on all possible metrics, from ratings to the critical response the show got with fans and experts. Rampage needs to keep the momentum it gather and this week has a chance to to do so thanks to an upcoming major debut in Chicago.

Tony Khan on multiple interviews has stated that Rampage is as important as Dynamite for them, and that’s not a B show. Rampage needs to avoid the B show trap that other shows like Thunder or SmackDown fell into.

Having CM Punk’s AEW debut on Rampage is a great start and solidifies the idea that Rampage is must-see TV for viewers. This needs to remain consistent from now on .

Another thing AEW needs to remain vigilant is to not focus too much on building up Rampage on the expense of Dynamite. There needs to be a balance on show things are booked for both shows and how connected their are. Dark and Elevation have great synergy with Dynamite already so this will not be a problem.

What’s next for Rampage? CM Punk having his first AEW match on Rampage would make sense, but it could also be a thing of taking place of Dynamite. This goes back to the balance issue and something Tony Khan needs to figure out.

Rampage had a great debut episode and this week promises to be an historical show because of CM Punk’s debut. The wrestling world will be watching very carefully this show and it’s aftermath.