USA Executives Not Happy About Direction NXT Is Going

This has been a very unstable time for the WWE as a whole and higher-ups in the company are not helping their case with questionable moves that have been taking place recently. After the most recent mass release of the NXT brand, it was reported that execs within the USA network were not happy.

In a recent post, it was clear that things being heard from the USA execs were not good. In a recent post on Twitter Andrew Zarian of the MattMen Podcast stated after speaking with a contact inside of USA networks regarding upcoming changes to the NXT brand were not welcomed.

Spoke to a contact from the USA network regarding the rumors of NXT going back to a taped show

“A taped show is not what we paid for”

Zarian went on to tweet that “this is not confirmation of the rumor” just a reaction from execs regarding it. Though it is not for sure the direction of the brand the feeling from inside the WWE has been very tense and stressful. Only time will tell where the brand will end up.