WWE Reportedly Passed on Wheeler Yuta

Many have been questioning the decisions that WWE has been making recently. The number of cuts has kept fans scratching their heads, due to the excuse that budget cuts were the reason for most of the cuts, if not all even though, during the covid crisis WWE saw a rise in revenue.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder Fightful Select is now reporting that back in may WWE passed on a wrestler that really turned heads in the company. They are reporting that after a tryout at the performance center Wheeler Yuta, whom many of the NXT talents were very high on, was not offered a contract. After this, it seemed to many in the company that the hiring process was now changing. Many in NXT with influence are said to have seen Yuta as a perfect fit for the brand.

Wheeler Yuta has recently been seen on AEW television teaming up with the “Best Freinds” stable that includes Orange Cassidy, Trent Baretta, Chuck Taylor, and Kris Stadtlander. Yuta has proved that he can go in the ring and on the mic so for him to get passed in WWE was a shock to many. Yuta has won the Chikara young lions cup championship and has made his rounds in the indie world.