Ric Flair Wants One More Match?

the 16 time WWE World champ, and 2 time Hall Of Famer could be eying a return for one more match. Ric flair is what many would call one of the greatest if not the greatest pro wrestler of all time.

Well looks like we could see the former 4 horsemen stablemate back in the squared circle, or if he has anything to do with it. Flair was released earlier this month after requesting his release and has many fans guessing where hell go next.

It was previously being reported that Flair was looking for one more run in the ring. Yesterday he added fuel to that fire, after tweeting a pic of himself in the gym flexing. The 72-year-old last competed while in TNA in 2011. Flair tweeted

Damn right! Do you think an Airplane crash, Being struck by lightning,and almost dying four years ago can stop the nature boy? Hell No! WOOOO!

Do you think its safe for flair to have another run ?