Chris Jericho Says “WWE Is Not Competition For Us, We’re Competition For Ourselves”

A little competition is good for everyone, well don’t tell that to WWE’s Chairmen Of The Board Vince McMahon he does not see any competition for the company, especially AEW. During WWE’s second-Quarter 2021earninngs call Mr.McMahon stated ” AEW is nowhere near close to the competition that WCW was.

AEW’s own Chris Jericho had a few things to say about Chairman’s comments during a recent interview with Inside The Ropes by stating ‘ AEW isn’t worried about what WWE because there focused on their own product.

The self-proclaimed ‘Demo god’ continued to exclaim that AEW doesn’t consider WWE to be its competition either but instead, the company sees itself as its only competition.

” I think that’s one of the reasons why we’ve gone as we have and why our demos have crept up to where they are and where our ratings have crept up to where they are. So WWE is not competition for us. Were competition for ourselves. So for Vince to say that- to me, it’s probably reverse psychology and that he does see us as competition, but deep down inside, what does it really matter.

Jericho continued to say that once AEW beats WWE in demos, the two companies will begin competition over TV Deals.

“Now when our demo ends up beating theirs and tv deals start coming up in for us at the billions, then I truly think there will be a lot of competition because now your fighting for money, your just not fighting for bragging rights- and bragging rights don’t mean anything. its the money that you make from it that counts. So we’ll see what happens.”

This is definitely one of the hottest times in the wrestling business since the Monday night wars. WWE tv has been on a decline recently and for AEW the opposite. Only time will tell but in all us, wrestling fans are the real winners.