AEW Star Malakai Black Makes Surprise Appearance At PWG Show

For the first time in over a year and a half PWG is back in the news after they had their first show “post-pandemic”. The show was held in Los Angeles and was well worth the wait as fans in attendance received a huge surprise in the form of AEW’s Malakai Black who appeared alongside the Mystery Vortex.

After the main event, Flamita attacked Bandido and the lights went out. When the light came back on Super Dragon was in the ring, then again the lights went off, and when they came back on Malakai Black was there for the save.

After a brief scuffle, Black grabbed the microphone and announced that he would be back at PWG on September 26th. Although he did not have a match he did receive a huge pop from the crowd.

On June 2 of this year, Malakai Black was released from the WWE in a slew of releases. Since his release, Black has debuted for WWE and is in an ongoing feud with the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. In an interesting development, our own Cassidy Haynes reported Brody king Was in attendance for AEW’s fight For The Fallen.

Will, we possibly see King pop up in AEW soon?