Original Plans For Harry Smith’s Return Scrapped

At the first show that WWE held with fans in attendance in over a year we saw the return of Davey Boy Smith Jr .Since he has not been on WWE tv and it looks like plans may have changed from the original plans that were discussed when talks first started between Smith and the company.

The Wrestling observer Newsletter is reporting, that in April after Smith was signed he was asked to keep things under wraps. He was also asked to cancel any indie dates which he did.

Its being reported that the original plan was for Smith to enter into a feud with NXT UK Champion Walter but unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic those plans were put on hold.

He had met with Tony Khan at a party and Jim Ross has always been a big proponent of his. The original idea was for the NXT U.K. brand and be the top U.K. babyface and feud with Walter over the title, but covid changed all that. Laurinaitis pushed hard for him to be on the main roster and Vince wanted him on SmackDown

H/T Ringside news

We will have to see the direction that smith is taken in .