Could AEW Talent Jump Ship To WWE After Contracts Run Out

There is no doubt that AEW has a stacked roster and it’s most certainly gonna get even more coveted with the additions of Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan, and with more Free agents still available the sky is only the limit for the AEW roster.

Now let us look at the other side of the spectrum, is there a possibility that we could see some AEW talent head to WWE after their contracts end? AEW is approaching its third year as a company and many of the early contracts that were signed will be running up soon.

During the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast Andrew Zarian was asked about this as well.

“we’re approaching year three now [ of AEW] so, some of these contracts are ending. I can tell you that WWE has their eyes on a lot of these guys and they would love to have them back, but other ones they would love to have him. Brian Pillman Jr is a name they would love to have”

Pillman Jr just signed with AEW so it will be a while before we see the likelihood of that happening. Other contracts could be expiring soon but no mentions of extensions have been announced as of yet.

Things could get interesting when contracts do start running up and if Vince McMahon starts throwing big offers around. Listen to the Matt Men Pro Wrsetling Podcast below