Natalya Addresses fans After Suffering Possible Injury On Raw

This week’s episode of Raw saw a tag team match-up of WWE Raw champs Natalya and Tamina go head-to-head with Eva Marie and Doudrop. During, it looked like Natalya may have been injured during the match as she was not able to finish and had to be helped to the back following the match.

While posting an image of the moment that she was injured, Natalya said she was unbreakable and that injuries were just part of the game. She also said that this would not hold her back in the slightest.

Thank you, everyone, for the kind words about what happened on” #WWERAW

“There are the beatings you can plan for, and ones you cant. That’s the job, But I’m willing to give whatever bones, muscles, and tendons i have to continue doing what I love. Good thing I’m unbreakable”

Natalya and Tamina still ended winning their match with a little help from Alexa Bliss and Lilly-Lution,

Natalya still has not confirmed her injury but we will have to wait to see the prognosis. The loss of Natalya would be a huge blow to the women’s division.