Eric Bischoff Says Cm Punk And Daniel Bryan’s Debuts Likely To Dilute One Another

Eric Bishoff is definitely one of the greatest minds and promoters to ever grace the wrestling universe, so when he talks people are definitely going to listen.

It’s obvious some of the biggest news over the past couple of weeks has been the news of the possibility of Punk and Bryan joining the AEW roster very soon, and Bishoff is well aware of this and sounded off with his opinion in a recent interview with the 83 Weeks podcast.

“If both (Punk and Bryan) go to AEW, that’s an amazingly cool thing, But to have them both come in at the same time, I think each dilutes the other. You’re spreading the heat, so to speak. What’s gonna happen to a lot of that younger talent that AEW started out with that people were so excited about? What was the excitement when AEW became a thing? We’re gonna be an alternative to WWE. That’s a great goal-be different than. I like it. Then when you started bringing in so many hot talents, What happens to your core?

We will have to wait and see if and when Bryan and Punk make their debuts and how AEW will book them.

Listen to the 83 Weeks podcast below