Andrade and AEW

The signing of Andrade to AEW was seen as a great opportunity for former La Sombra to prove WWE wrong and their inability to see Andrade as a major star. So far, things have not gone according to plan for AEW and Andrade.

Andrade has a the look of a star and no one can deny that. Andrade knows how to carry himself as a star and that has been the biggest positive of his AEW run so far. Being paired with Vicky at the beginning was not the best fit, buy AEW are great at pivoting and went with Chavo Guerrero as Andrade’s manager, although, Konnan would’ve been a better fit.

Andrade’s first match in AEW was a good match against Matt Sydal, but he was overshadowed by Sydal despite the fact he wasn’t trying to steal the spotlight from Andrade. A lot of people were concerned after this performance and if Andrade was really motivated to be a star in AEW.

Last week, Andrade had a long segment cutting a promo in both English and Spanish. Andrade’s promo in Spanish was pretty good, but the English parts were the on the other hand not so good. AEW should do with Andrade the Kenny Omega gimmick of only speaking on his native language, it worked so well for Omega in NJPW and it will work for Andrade in AEW with Spanish, especially with him having Chavo as his manager to translate when needed.

Andrade feuding with Death Triangle was the right choice and we’ll be able to see a lot of awesome match-ups out of this feud. This is a step on the right direction for Andrade on the short and long term too.

While Andrade’s run in AEW so far has been underwhelming so far, AEW are pretty good a pivoting, examples like The Dark Order or the current TNT Champion Miro are prefect examples of AEW’s ability to pivot and improve an unfavorable situation. Only time will tell if AEW and Andrade will be able to be on the same page.