What CM Punk and Bryan Danielson Offer to AEW

The reports and rumors about CM Punk and Bryan Danielson joining AEW last week have created a lot of interesting discussions about both wrestlers and AEW. AEW getting two of the three biggest free agents (Brock Lesnar is the third) is a major win for AEW.

Both Wrestlers have a lot to offer to AEW and the rich ties the promotion has with other promotions. Punk and Bryan offer a lot of different things to the fold for AEW and all of them are major advantages.

CM Punk: The Missing Jewel of the AEW Crown

CM Punk and AEW have been linked to one another multiple times these last couple of years. CM Punk was one of the first name Tony Khan wanted for the promotion when it was on it’s first steps and unfortunately that was not the case, but that could be changing.

One of the things CM Punk brings to the table is the attestation of the more casual fans of wrestling and especially the WWE fans. AEW getting those fans could be a huge win for AEW and help improve metrics like ratings or tickets sold.

In-ring wise would be the only concern with Punk, but that’s something that with a bit of training and reps Punk could get back on track in no time. Punk for sure will give awesome promos, especially with a roster full of good promos. Let’s not forget all the dream matches we could see in AEW with Punk. Matches with the likes of Jungle Boy, Kenny Omega, Darby Allin and many more could be fun to watch or maybe Punk feuding with guys like Kingston and MJF could be some of the best TV ever. The possibilities are endless.

Bryan Danielson: The Return of The American Dragon

Bryan Danielson (AKA Daniel Bryan) has some of the positives as with CM Punk, awesome promos and dream matches with AEW are waiting for him. One of the biggest positives about Bryan Danielson joining AEW is the freedom the promotions will give him to work anywhere and we could see him in matches in NJPW, CMLL ( Although AEW has a working relationship with AAA so that could be difficult to happen) or the indie scene, if he wants.

One of the key differences between him and Punk is that he is not rusty and just recently he main evented WrestleMania and he was great in the ring (as always). Ring rust will not be a problem and as mentioned before, a lot of dream matches are waiting for him in AEW just like with Punk.

In terms of in- work, Danielson is very different to most AEW wrestlers with his technical style and that could help in a lot of ways from the main event scene having a new flavor to it and also help develop wrestlers on that particular style of wrestling.

Bryan Danielson brings a lot to the fold for AEW. Just like Punk, he could bring some potential WWE viewers who have never heard of AEW or simply never wanted to give AEW a chance might do it now and potentially become fans of the product.

Ultimately, CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are massive gets for AEW and this could be the beginning of a massive shift in pro-wrestling. Only time will tell.