The Biggest Wrestling Events Ever to Be Held in Las Vegas

The Biggest Wrestling Events Ever to Be Held in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the famous places that cater to countless tastes. In Vegas, your life can easily change after you play poker, among other casino games. This is because a fortune only favors brave people. 

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Another field where Las Vegas proves itself is in professional wrestling. As a matter of fact, the WWE has held monumental events in Sin City over the years. Some of the most significant wrestling events held in Las Vegas include:


One of the biggest wrestling events held in Las Vegas remains WrestleMania IX.  The event was hosted at Caesars Palace. This was after April 4, 1993, when “The Showcase of the immortals” was hitting Vegas. During the event, Lex Luger did beat Mr. Perfect. But it was the day for The Undertaker because that was his third win at WrestleMania. In addition, his big win was through an incredible Streak – albeit by disqualification. Later, the main event was held. 

At WrestleMania, the event was a classic case between the little and the large because Bret Hart battled Yokozuna – the mighty – for the WWE Championship. It was a terrible day for Bret because he lost to the giant opponent. It forced Hulk Hogan to challenge the winner. 

Hulkster only needed 22 seconds to squash Yokozuna and captured the belt for the fifth time. However, he did lose the rematch in 1993 during the King of the Ring match before he left for WCW. Until 2002, Hulk Hogan was never seen in a WWE match again. 

No Way Out – 2001

When this event was held, it was about 8 years after Wrestlemania IX. However, this was a unique event because it was the culmination of intense rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin and his legendary wrestler Triple H. 

This was a mastermind game before running over Stone Cold with a moving vehicle at Survivor Series 1999. First, he got his revenge on Rikishi during the No Mercy 2000 event. Later, he set his eyes on Triple H. 

Before the match in Las Vegas, they could interfere with each other’s match, and they cost each other the WWE Championship. In Las Vegas during the No Way Out match, the feud ended with three stages. 

During the first fall, in a straight wrestling match, Triple H won using a patented Stunner. The other was a Street Fight where he also won the match. 

Money In The Bank – 2016

This is among the recent matches held in Las Vegas. Few groups during WWE history received a strong push – referred to as The Shield. The match was the expectation of three top single stars to come out after the stable disbanded.

During this night, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollings were the wrestlers to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Champions. 

Dean Ambrose, popularly known as The Lunatic Fringe, was the winner of the Money in the Bank match. That was to guarantee him a shot of the title he would like to participate in.