CM Punk To AEW Is Reportedly A “Done Deal”

Rumor and speculation around CM Punk’s potential in-ring return have been rampant since he left the wrestling business in 2014. Those rumors gained more credence than ever before this past week when Sean Ross Sapp of reported that CM Punk has been in talks to return to pro wrestling, with All Elite Wrestling being his most likely destination.

Ringside News is taking that bombshell a step further. Reporting that not only have AEW and Punk been in talks, but that a deal has already been agreed to in principle for the former WWE Champion to join the company.

“A source has confirmed to us that CM Punk’s arrangement to work for AEW is “a done deal right now.” At this point, they are “waiting until they are in-person to sign the contract.”

CM Punk’s debut time frame was not confirmed, but it would be hard to believe that AEW would pass up the opportunity to involve the Second City Savior at All Out in Chicago if they can. Unless CM Punk pulls out of the deal, it appears that this will go through as planned.”

To say that a CM Punk return to the ring would be the story of the decade in pro wrestling would be an understatement. There has never been this much smoke around the Second City Saint making his long-awaited return to the business, and it’s starting to feel like there has to be a fire brewing somewhere.

CM Punk has not officially been seen in a pro wrestling ring since the 2014 Royal Rumble match.