Chelsea Green Debuts with Ring of Honor at Best in the World

As scene in the clip below during last night’s Best in the World event, Ring of Honor debuted one of their latest signings: Chelsea Green was added to the Women of Honor Tournament.

Speaking on her “Green with Envy” podcast – released mere hours after her debut, Green notified fans that she was able to negotiate herself out of her WWE contract a week early to make sure she could appear at Best in the World event.

Chelsea also clued fans in on her injured arm which kept her from performing in the ring last night. Telling listeners that she tried everything to wrestle at the event but the state of Maryland would not medically clear her to perform. Chelsea told fans on her podcast she and her surgeon are hopeful she can have her cast off by the end of the month.

The latest injury setback for the Hot Mess means Chelsea is relegated to commentary status for the opening round of matches in ROH’s Women of Honor Tournament. Allowing the Hot Mess to bless her legions of fans with her signature gift of gab. We’ll be tuning in for sure.

Are you a fan of Chelsea’s signing with ROH? What do you think is next for the Hot Mess? Let us here at Bodyslam know!