WWE Called Buddy Murphy “In A Panic” Following His Release Checking On His Non-Compete Clause

WWE announced the release of Buddy Murphy on June 2nd, as part of their most recently wave of cuts. Also included with Murphy in the latest round of WWE releases was Aleister Black, who shocked the wrestling world when he debuted for AEW on this week’s special Road Rager episode of Dynamite.

Black’s debut came just 35 days after being released from his WWE contract, which came as a huge surprise as most talents are hit with a 90 day non-compete clause prohibiting them from appearing on any other company’s programming. This obviously wasn’t the case for Black as an apparent clerical error was made by WWE when they updated his contract upon his main roster call-up, as his non-compete was never changed from 30 days to the standard 90 days.

Apparently upon realizing the mistake WWE frantically called Buddy Murphy “in a panic after his release” fearing that the same mistake had been made with his contract according to a report from Sean Ross Sapp via Fightful Select. However, Murphy confirmed that he does have a 90 day non-compete, unlike Black.

“He confirmed that his non-compete is 90 days, but that WWE called him in a panic after his release, thinking that his might also be 30 as a result of what happened with the former Aleister Black.”

It was also added that WWE had “offered to extend” his non-compete to 90 days, potentially giving him an extra 60 days of his downside guaranteed payment. But, it wasn’t needed as his contract already included a 90 day clause instead of a 30 day one like Black.

Buddy Murphy’s non-compete clause is up on August 31st.