What To Expect With WWE Touring Again

With the world slowly going back to normalcy, it was just a matter of time for wrestling promotions to start touring again, especially the major ones. Going back to having fans will be great for wrestling, but what does this mean for WWE right now?

Thanks to the ThunderDome this last year, Vince McMahon was able to finally control the reaction of crowds with the screens and pipped crowd noises. With WWE touring again, WWE loses that control and once again, any chant is possible. WrestleMania 37 was a success on all ways imaginable, so fans taking over shows could be unlikely if they are presented with interesting stuff, but this is WWE are talking about.

Being able to control the fan reaction has in some ways accelerated WWE’s bad booking. WWE didn’t have to worry about crowds and who was over, they could just pretend everyone was over, but with crowds back we’ll know which wrestlers are actually over since the pandemic began.

Fans are going to be excited to be back on arenas like we saw on WrestleMania this year and other wrestling shows. This is the perfect opportunity for WWE to gain some goodwill with fans after years of losing trust with some bad booking. Is this actually going to happen? God No, its very unlikely Vince will improve his booking. The ThunderDome gave Vince the power to control crowds and most likely, he’ll try to find a way to still use this going forward.

One of the major positives of fans coming back, is that cinematic stuff might take a sit to the back and focus more on live stuff. WWE has produced some terrible cinematic stuff during the pandemic and getting a chance to get rid off it might be for the best for WWE.

Wrestlers are going to be excited to hace fans. The pandemic has been very eye opening on how fans are a key part of how matches work. Having fans back might be what WWE product needs right now, after months of being stale.

Fans can’t wait to return and watch wrestling live. WWE should take this golden opportunity seriously to give fans something to enjoy after being away for so long.