Marc Mero Talks About Why He Is Blackballed In Pro Wrestling

Marc Mero’s wrestling career seemed to be primed to take off after signing with WWE in 1996. Prior to his debut in WWE at WrestleMania XII, Mero spent 5 years working for WCW under the ring name Johnny B. Badd.

Mero recently was a guest on the Such Good Shoot podcast, where he talked about his wrestling career. During the interview Mero spoke about how outspoken he was during his career about steroid and drug use, which he feels ultimately led to him being blackballed in the industry.

“When I spoke out against it, and obviously I’m vilified from wrestling and blackballed, and probably will never be invited to a WrestleMania, whatever,” Mero said. “But here’s the thing, guys. You’ve got to be proud of what you’re looking at in the mirror every day. Because of that, because of me and some other guys that stood up, now any wrestler that ever stepped foot in the WWE ring gets free drug and alcohol rehab.”

You can watch the entire interview with Marc Mero on the Such Good Shoot podcast below.