Dark and Elevation: What Changes Should We Expect

This week, AEW will return to touring after more than a year of producing all their shows on Daily’s Place. Touring also menas that Elevation and Dark will have changes to their formats going forward and things that AEW should try not to change.

Dark and Elevation should remains the number one source of scouting for the promotion. AEW has been able to find interesting wrestlers thanks to Dark and Elevation. AEW should try to book as much as indie talent as possible. Seeing new faces battle AEW talent is always fun to watch.

One of the biggest changes we’ll see is Dark and Elevation having a shorter time. Dark and Elevation for the most part are an hour and twenty minutes long every week, with less matches the runtime will be shorter and this also means more competitive matches. Having more competitive matches and less predictable results could be an interesting change for both shows. Both shows being shorter will make them more accessible to casual fans or those viewers haven’t given Elevation and Dark a chance.

Dark and Elevation should remain as the number source for their young talent to get more in-ring time and improve on a weekly basis, as well as getting indie bookings will help their young talent big time.

One of the major things that AEW should focus more with touring again is more video packages focused on the less known talent. Elevation has produced some really good packages for their talent, but with having a shorter runtime, AEW now has some time to fill and video packages and interviews are the answer. Helping wrestlers and especially the younger ones to practice their promos will help AEW a lot in the long term.

This week’s card for Elevation only features 6 matches and it’s the shortest card for Elevation so far. This could be a hint of what’s to come for Elevation and Dark with AEW touring again.

Dark and Elevation have show interesting to watch and cover, AEW has found something special on both shows and they will keep evolving as they keep touring and get new wrestlers down the line.