Tea and Tights: A Great British Wrestling Podcast

Two more episode from the Tea and Tights team, with a brand new special featuring Frankie T of Independent Wrestle Eitle Promotion plus the Brit Wres round up bringing you all the British Wrestling new from the past week.

On this special Andy and Dan welcome Frankie T 1/3 co-forunder and promoter of IWE, we speak to him about his early start in wrestling training with FWA (Frontier Wrestling Academy) training at the Rev Pro Portsmouth School of Wrestling, before training with Kapow and making his debut with Knockout Wrestling Entertainment. The guys also discuss his career Frankie T’s 4 year active career working with likes of CWP (Charity Wrestling Promotion) and PWA (Pheonix Wrestling Assciaion) before discussing setting up IWE (Independent Wrestling Elitle) as we talks about the key members of roster and so much more.

Andy and Dan go through all the latest news from across the Brit Wres scene from, Fight For Honour, Wrestle Carnival, Prime Wrestling Entertainment, Catch Pro and so many more plus the guys recap and review the latest NXT UK and ICW Fight Club.

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