Tyler Breeze Comments On Post WWE Career: “I’ve Had A Bunch Of Promotions Reach Out.”

Earlier this week WWE released just over a dozen superstars of its roster. One of those releases who many found shocking was Tyler Breeze.

Breeze recently spoke on his Twitch Stream, Where he reveled that he has already had a bunch of promotions reach out to him regarding work, as well as his thoughts on potentially starting a podcast.

start a podcast? No thank you. I feel like everyone has a podcast and I’m honestly not a big podcast guy. There’s only so many podcast out there that people listen to. My plate is full with what I’m doing. I don’t even know if I have time for a podcast.”

How he’s had promotions reach out:

” I’ve had a bunch of promotions reach out, but no hurry. This is the first breather I’ve had in 14 years so I’m going to enjoy life for a little bit.”