Andrade El Idolo says he “Would love to see Thea Trinidad in AEW.”

In 2017 Trinidad( Zelina Vega in WWE) and Andrade were aligned in NXT, leading to a successful partnership between the two.

Trinidad would help lead Andrade to the NXT Championship, which lasted 140 days. Their partnership continued to the main roster and eventually led to The United States Championship.

At the beginning of 2020 they were suddenly split up when Trinidad was released by the company. In march of of 2020 Andrade would be released.

Andrade who now goes bye Andrade El Ídolo, is now in AEW and aligned With Vickie Guerrero former WWE SmackDown GM, and widow of Eddie Guerrero, but would not mind a reunion with Trinidad.

I would love it if she was with me. I cannot speak about it that extendedly due to multiple stuff going on, but I would love it if she joined soon or in a close future,” Ht Fightful (translation Luis Pulido).

On the June 18 episode of AEW Dynamite Andrade said he and Vickie had a surprise. On the June 26 episode, they were seemingly about to make an announcement but were interrupted by Matt Sydal. Will, we eventually see Trinidad in AEW?