Plans Already In Place For Kenny Omega To Drop IMPACT World Title

Kenny Omega successfully captured the IMPACT World Championship back in April at IMPACT’s Rebellion PPV when he also put his AEW World Championship on the line against Rich Swann.

Omega’s IMPACT World Title joins his collection of belts as he is also the AEW World Champion, and the AAA Mega Champion. Kenny Omega was victorious in his IMPACT World Title defense at IMPACT’s “Against All Odds” PPV earlier this month against Moose. However, the match was not held along with the rest of the PPV in Nashville, instead the match took place in Jacksonville at Daily’s Place.

Kenny Omega’s IMPACT World Championship reign was discussed on the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer stated that IMPACT Wrestling has had plans in place for who Kenny Omega will eventually drop the belt to. It was added that this plan was laid out and in place before Omega even won the championship earlier this year.

“They’re all collaborating, especially with Omega. With Sammy Guevara obviously it wasn’t as collaborated because it wasn’t in as high profile a picture. But before Omega ever won the title, they had their battle plan all mapped out on what it’s gonna be, who’s gonna be on what show, and when it’s gonna be, and when IMPACT can get their title back. That was all part of the deal way ahead of time.”

You can watch Kenny Omega capture the IMPACT World Title from Rich Swann at IMPACT Wrestling’s Rebellion PPV below.