Pitching Ideas For Vince McMahon

WWE independent contractors make the mistake of pitching the wrong ideas to Vince McMahon on a daily basis, but don’t worry, if you are a WWE writer or independent contractor this editorial is for you. I’m going to show you what ideas does Vince McMahon loves and will help get your ideas approved.

Vince McMahon is an odd man and that should always be remembered when you pitch your ideas to him. He likes specific things and he doesn’t really go outside of that box.


Vince McMahon loves accents, but especially the southern accent. When you are going to pitch any idea make sure if you can incorporate a southern accent to it. This will help you big time. If you are not good at a southern accent, then take acting classes and they will help you out.

If you are an independent contractor from another country, then you just use your natural accent and turn it up to 100. This point goes in hand when we talk about Stereotypes.

The more accents you can do, the better it will be for you. Just make sure Vince likes it.


Pro-wrestling and stereotypes go hand in hand for many decades. When you are pitching an idea for Vince, think of the most basic stereotype of someone of where you are from. For example, let’s say you are from Spain, just pitch a bullfighter that loves flamenco. Simple and to the point. Vince is going to love this idea.

If you feel you feel your ancestry is too boring, then don’t worry, you can always rely in the old and reliable southern stereotype. It never fails.

Potty Humor

Vince McMahon LOVES potty humor. This is something you should use in your favor when pitching ideas to Vince. He in particular loves fart jokes, so give it a try.

There’s many stories related to Vince McMahon and potty humor, so there’s no way he’ll reject your idea if he finds it really funny. Making him laugh is what you are looking for, not the fans and viewers.

Fat or Muscular

It’s pretty much well know Vince McMahon likes big wrestlers. Depending of what you’re pitching being fat or muscular will help your pitch big time. Vince finds fat people funny, so with the right pitch he is going to love you.

Looking big and strong will also help you get more serious spots, but make sure to add things that Vince likes or you’ll end up on catering. Don’t be boring because you are good looking.

No Modern Stuff

Vince McMahon is a 75 year old man. He doesn’t care what’s trending nowadays. A lot of WWE independent contractors and writers make the mistake of pitching ideas that are similar to what’s trending nowadays. Just don’t do it, Vince doesn’t care and will get bored.

Vince doesn’t care about superheroes. You might get the approval, but in a month Vince will lose interest in you and your idea really fast. Pitch things for things Vince McMahon cares about. Don’t make the same mistake other have made, or you’ll be stuck in catering.


If your pitch includes an act from the past that will help you big time. Nostalgia is a powerful drug and WWE has relied on it for many years now. Use it to your advantage.

If you can incorporate or pay tribute to an old gimmick than use it. Nostalgia sells nowadays and especially in WWE. Watch old WWE shows and finds something no one is using right now and pitch it.

Don’t Be Too Funny

One of the biggest mistakes some interdependent contractor do is being too funny. While most of the previous points are humor related, you need to find the right balance of humor or Vince will only see you as a clown.

Finding the right balance will be the most difficultly part considering how erratic Vince McMahon is. In time you’ll find the right balance, but you’ll need to be patient.

Hopefully this points will help you the next time you are pitching ideas to Vince McMahon. If this doesn’t get you on TV, nothing will.