Bobby Lashley Says A Fight Against Kofi Kingston “Should Be A Layup”

Bobby Lashley has been booked as a very strong WWE Champion since he won the title after defeating The Miz back in March of this year.

Bobby Lashley certainly has quite a few opponents that he is open to facing off against and that includes a former WWE Champion in the form of Kofi Kingston.

Bobby Lashley recently spoke to Yahoo! Sports, where he was asked if he wanted to feud against Kofi Kingston eventually. Bobby Lashley made it clear that he was.

“Hell yeah. Someone like me stepping up in a fight against Kofi, it should be a layup and that’s not how people think it will go down. That’s what excites me about Kofi. I like Kofi and what he’s done for the business, and to have a fight with him, I would love to have that opportunity. He was a world champion and the one opportunity that he didn’t get was to have another shot at the title.”