The Third Anniversary Of Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega IV, The Great Match Of All Time

On June 9th of 2018 in Osaka, we witness the culmination of the rivalry between Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega in what was the greatest pro-wrestling match ever seen and broke the Meltzer star rating scale by being awarded 7 stars.

Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada feuded against one another for the last two years and faced each other on 3 different occasions. Wrestle Kingdom 11 (Victory for Okada), Dominion 2017 (Tie) and G1 Climax 27 Night 18 (Victory for Omega). At that point, their matches were considered the greatest trilogy of marches, but when the fourth and final installment of their rivalry was official, the hype was real.

The three previous matches Omega and Okada had, played a huge factor in the way the constructed the fourth one. This is obvious by the way the match was build, two wrestlers that know each other well and how to counter the best offensive weapons of the other.

The matches that Omega and Okada had can be easily compared to those of Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair, and the influence they had for the crafting for their series of matches.

Their fourth match is 64 minutes long, but the paced of this matched worked that to it’d advantage. The first fall was a psychological battle trying to outsmart the other and gain the early advantage. Omega on several occasions mentioned the importance of the first fall in interviews. Okada with a roll-up was able to secure the first fall and the dynamic of the match changed entirely.

After losing the first fall, Omega was more desperate and aggressive in an attempt to secure the second fall. Exhaustion was starting to creep in for both wrestlers and this would determine the flow of the rest of the match. Omega was able to hit the one winged angel and tie the series going into the third fall.

The final fall was battle of endurance with whatever Omega and Okada had left in the tank. Every move was more brutal and time started to become an enemy for both wrestlers. The punishment from the previous rounds was starting to slow both wrestlers down. Omega was starting to get desperate, he didn’t have the energy to carry Okada for the OWA and used finishers from old friends ( Ibushi’s Phoenix splash) and allies ( AJ Styles’ Styles Clash), but Okada was not giving up andmost of his energy was spent using the rainmaker and dropkicks (his two biggest allies on this match). Omega was finally able to hit a kick OWA, he struggled to get up in a last effort he was able to get up hit his combo of a V-Trigger and a OWA to finish this legendary match and win the IWGP Heavyweight title.

After the match, Omega and The Bucks reunited and become friends and with Ibushi they formed the Golden Elite. We also have to mention Kevin Kelly and Don Callis on commentary. They were fantastic and helped enhanced the experience of watching this bout. Don Callis of “HOOK THE LEG” seven times at the end was such a natural call.

This was the perfect end of the best set of matches and rivalry in wrestling. Could Omega and Okada face each other on fifth and final time? With the AEW and NJPW partnership, it’s possible we might see Omega and Okada have a crack on trying to top the greatest match of all time and they might be the only wrestlers alive that could do it.