Working for WWE

For many wrestlers, especially those growing up as fans of the product, working for WWE is their biggest goal. From winning the WWE championship to main eventing WrestleMania. That dream so many wrestlers have has been a major pull from WWE to sign wrestlers for decades now.

While working for WWE is a goal many wrestlers have, they should realistic about what happens when they sign with them. The payday is going to be good, but one thing is for sure, if your name is not a main eventer like Roman Reigns or a part-timer, you don’t have job security with this promotion. WWE signs people for only to release them 6 months later like we’ve seen lately.

WWE has changed their philosophy of no releases to prevent promotion to get access to several wrestlers that could help them, to release any wrestler like Samoa Joe, Aleister Black and so many name. By the look of things, the releases are not stopping and more are to come in the future.

Vince McMahon has this weird father figure energy that always brainwashes people. Vince McMahon is a person that only cares about himself and money, and yet, people swear Vince loved. Every time someone talks about their release they praise Vince, but blame people on talent relationship positions for their release.

WWE is also not a good place for young talent to develop. The PC is a broken machine that Paul Levesque is too blind to realize and is not building stars like it promised, but instead relies on former PWG wrestlers to look good. Tay Conti’s case has been the perfect example of this and how her progress in AEW in just a year put in evidence the weaknesses of the PC.

The world of pro-wrestling outside of WWE is bright and with a lot of possibilities. Those who want to work hard will be rewarded by their efforts and opportunities will appear for those who work hard. Wrestlers and fans need to realize WWE is no longer the be-all and end-all of Pro-Wrestling.