AEW Spanish Annonuce Team Caught Mocking Hikaru Shida’s Accent On Dynamite

Tonight on a special edition of the go home show of AEW Dynamite before the segment where Hikaru Shida was supposed to talk, AEW was airing live on FITE TV internationally with the Spanish Announce Team talking through the break.

The team of Alex Abrahantes, Dasha Fuentes, Willie Urbina and Thunder Rosa were making a decision as to who was going to translate Shida’s speech in the next segment, when one of the commentators told Urbina to do the translation. What comes next was a distasteful mocking of Shida’s Japanese accent and a old stereotypical Japanese accent joke that has been around in films and television for decades.

In the video linked below we see Willie Urbina mocking her after being called on to translate her speech in English, while Dasha and Rosa speaking after him with Rosa laughing and saying she will throw the pen at him, while Dasha said to cut it out. Also linked below is the rough translation by David Bixenspan, following that is a more detailed translation provided by Juan C. Reneo which explains more of what happened.

I ask you fellow readers what are your thoughts on what happened with AEW Dynamites Spanish announce team. What is the punishment in your opinion that needs to be doled out and who do you think needs to be punished and not?