Is WWE Preparing For An Eventual Acquisition?

The hiring of Nick Khan, the restructuring of several departments and other things are possible clues that Vince McMahon maybe contemplating the idea of selling WWE to the highest bidder.

It all makes sense. The rise of media conglomerates opening their own streaming services has opened a door for more content and WWE has taken advantage of this with their recent deal with Peacock and getting a lucrative deal out of it. For NBCUniversal, acquiring WWE in the long term makes sense and seems to be what they are going to do.

Other media conglomerates are paying attention to WWE. It’s profitable, their massive library and produce hours of content on a weekly basis nonstop. This is something all Media conglomerates want for their streaming services.

For NBCUniversal it would be the cheaper option than keep offering massive deal that will keep escalating. On the other side, for Vince it’s probably the best time to sell WWE and streaming platforms seeking for more content for their libraries. These type of deals are all about timing and right now it’s the perfect time for Vince McMahon to ask any price he wants.

If WWE were to sell the day of tomorrow, it’s more than obvious that NBCUniversal would be the favorites on acquiring WWE. It would not be surprising if offers from Amazon, Netflix and others streaming companies are seeking to expand their libraries are planning to make a serious bid for WWE soon.

Would Vince McMahon actually sell WWE? This is a hard question to answer and only time will tell. The current moves and decisions made by WWE and Vince are clues that this could be the case. We have to remember that Vince McMahon is a man that changes is mind very quickly and maybe today he has the intention of selling WWE, but tomorrow could be different story.