Wrestle Carnival and ROH Announce Carnival of Honor

Wrestle Carnival have announced Carnival Of Honor for their 12th of September show in Portland Centre Nottingham, a show in conjunction with ROH.

The show will be streamed on ROH’s Week by Week show on YouTube and will feature Ring of Honour’s British Stars including Session Moth Martina and Joe Hendry as well as former ROH Pure Champion Doug Williams.

The show will also feature 2 of the best British Wrestling stars in Kanji and Gisele Shaw. Dean Allmark has also been announced for the show, Allmark is true veteran of British Wrestling and is considered by many to be simultaneously one of the best wrestlers in the UK whilst and most underrated.

Gary Ward founder and owner of Wrestle Carnival has always had a good relationship with many of the ROH stars and was able to speak with the powers that be at ROH to come up with a way for the British contingent to wrestle in England, both for Wrestle Carnival and ROH. Due to the current pandemic, ROH’s British stars have not been able to compete for ROH and therefore have not been seen on ROH’s fan base for some time, Session Moth Martina and Joe Hendry were in prominent positions prior to global pandemic.

Wrestle Carnival is a brand new promotion in the UK but has already been making headlines before they have even run a show, speaking with Gary Ward earlier this year, the promotion has been 18 months in the making. Wrestle Carnival’s debut show Curtain Call is the 1st of August also at the Portland Centre in Nottingham. The show will feature some of the best British Wrestling stars such as; Warren Banks, Danny Black, Spike Trivet, Elijah, Charles Crowley, Gisele Shaw, Kanji, all of whom have featured the WWE Network as part of the Progress Shows recently and many more incredibly talented British Wrestlers.

You can check out the full interview 18 Months in the making with Gary Ward, below

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