Should We Watch Main Event?

Earlier today, I made a tweet talking about the current feud Ricochet and Mustafa Ali have on Main Event. My point was about how funny and a bit sad it is for two phenomenal wrestlers have to go to a lot of work to promote a feud, while also WWE has to book wrestlers on RAW to compete more than once.

If you think about this feud Ali and Ricochet have, in a lot of ways it resembles the one Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler had last year on Dark. The most interesting thing is the build each feud had and the importance AEW and WWE have given to the respective feud and show.

Main Event and Dark could be considered similar shows. Both are B level shows and a lot of wrestlers that don’t appear often on TV wrestle there every week, but there’s a big difference between both shows. AEW acknowledges Dark and Elevation every week and the events that happen on both shows have synergy with Dynamite. With Main Event we can’t say the same. When was the last time WWE promoted Main Event on RAW, SmackDown or NXT ?

WWE doesn’t promote or really care about Main Event, and why should fans do the same? It’s not the fans fault people don’t want Main Event, but WWE’s. Wrestlers like Ricochet and Ali shouldn’t be on Main Event every week, but on RAW having matches or being part of a storyline.

AEW made a story out of Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon being winning-less for the longest time and after a brief run. The feud was even promoted on BTE and had Tony Khan in a contract signing for the match. AEW promoted the match and made people care about it. Ricochet and Ali are trying to do the same here and they should be praised for it big time or rewarded for their efforts by moving the feud to RAW and in front of a larger audience, but unfortunately that’s not the case here.

Will Main Event ever be a relevant show for WWE ? That’s very unlikely and the only people that will watch the show will be reviewers and hardcore WWE fans. Watching Main Event is not really necessary at all and it doesn’t enhance or viewing experience of the WWE product.