NXT UK – Preview

Some great action to look forward to with NXT UK tonight, including a no disqualification main event in which the loser leaves NXT UK.

Ilja Dragunov vs Dave Mastiff

This should be full of stiff hard hitting shots and plenty of power moves. Mastiff has had string of high profile losses lately including the likes of Trent Seven, Jordan Devlin, Tyler Bate and most recently Sam Gradwell, Mastiff really needs a win here. Ilja Dragunov is still having issues with loosing control following his loss to Walter but if there is anybody who could possibly stand up to Dragunov’s aggression it would be Dave Mastiff

Noam Dar Supernova Session’s

Noam Dar is back with Supernova sessions and this week his guest is Nathan Frazer, Frazer debuted on the Supernova session back when he was Ben Carter, in which he ended the night in a main event match against Jordan Devlin. What will happen this time round?

Trent Seven vs Saxon Huxley

Despite his win/loss record, Saxon Huxley is always a threat in the ring with his wild and unorthodox power offence, Seven will have to be on his toes. This marks Trent Seven’s return to singles action following his failed attempt to win the cruiserweight championship, will his new, trimmer figure help him out against Huxley?

Amir Jordan vs Kenny Williams

Jordan finally gets another shot at Williams, but this time its a No DQ with the added stipulation that the loser must leave NXT UK. This heated rivalry all stems from Jordan not wanting to break the rules to win matches but now he won’t need to worry about the rules and can unleash his full anger on Williams. As far as Williams is concerned this has been a long time coming, this is exactly what he always wanted, he has got Jordan to play his game, will Jordan regret taking this match?

Some great matches once again from NXT UK, you catch all the action on the WWE Network at 8pm GMT or on the Peacock streaming service at 3pm EST.

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