Mike Chioda Reveals Another One Of Vince McMahon’s Pet Peeves In Wrestling

When it comes to wrestling, Vince McMahon has displayed tendencies to show pet peeves over many things in wrestling. Whether it’s slapping the leg while kicking, or other particular quirks, stories become tall tales wrestlers and fans talk about to this day. Now another one of his pet peeves sems to have surfaced.

Mike Chioda was doing his Monday Mailbag on AdFreeShows, and he revealed that Vince McMahon supposedly hates when the WWE Superstars break the 10-count referees issue for count outs. He also added Vince wants the referee to bring the superstar outside the ring back in and the ones on the inside to remain.

“That’s one of Vince’s pet peeves. He hates that the most. That’s one thing that he does not like. When you roll out, just mess with the ref and roll back in. Usually, he wants someone to roll back in, in the ropes and go back out the other side. You know, especially if a wrestler or two wrestlers are outside, one comes in to break the count, he should just back off, come in the ring, get back into the center, I go back, the referee will go back through the ropes to get the other talent back in, and next thing you know, he shoots back out the other side.”

Chioda also said Vince views breaking the count as “old school” wrestling, and it’s something Vince has tried to shy from with the WWE. His pet peeves can often be unusual, but it’s also unlikely Vince will be swayed to change his mind.

Thanks to ITR for the quote

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